USB PS/2 ADB Adapters

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USB to PS/2 Adapter
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Part # JA-USBPS201
Connect up to two PS/2 devices to a USB port. Works on PC, MAC (with USB), and SUN (with USB). Possible uses:
  • Connect both a PS/2 keyboard and a PS/2 mouse to a USB port
  • Allows you to save the investment in PS/2 devices by using them on a newer computer that has a USB port
  • On a laptop that lacks two PS/2 connections for an external keyboard and mouse, but has a USB port
  • To allow two PS/2 keyboards to be connected to the USB port
  • To allow both a PS/2 mouse and a PS/2 trackball to be connected to a USB port
If you connect a PS/2 keyboard to a MAC, the Ctrl and Alt keys can be reversed for MAC compatibility.

We tested many PS/2 to USB adapters and some of the less expensive adapters would work in some situations but fail in other setups. This adapter performed correctly in all our tests.

Shipping weight 1 lb.
USB to PS/2 Adapter
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USB to ADB Adapter
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