Pointing Devices: Mice, Trackballs and other Tools
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Quality pointing devices at Great Prices
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Evoluent Vertical Mouse 2

Evoluent Vertical Mouse
The Evoluent Vertical Mouse 2 has a patented new shape that supports your hand in a relaxed handshake position and eliminates arm twisting. Once you experience the superior comfort, you will never go back to ordinary mice.
Evoluent Vertical Mouse 2
Regular $74.95
Sale Price 56.50

Quill Mouse

Quill Aerobic Mouse
Quill Aerobic Mouse works for those with RSI/CTS related injuries, Arthritis or other restrictive hand conditions and for those with tremors. It is Generally Assistive Technology that Enables those with Disability, May Help Recuperates those with Injury and Can Help prevent Injury in those who use computers
Quill Mouse
2-Button PS/2 & USB
Regular $99.95
Sale Price 89.95

* If using USB on Windows, you must have Windows 98 Second Edition or later to support USB


  • Revolutionary rollerbar provides single finger point and click functionality.
  • Adjustable click force on rollerbar (5 levels of tension) using simple knob under RollerMouse. (Rollerbar click function can be disabled using dip switch if user prefers using buttons.)
  • Smooth sliding steel rollerbar coated with soft rubber for excellent feel and cursor control.
  • Long Lasting - Optical sensor reads bar movement using the latest technology, nothing to wear out
  • 3 user definable buttons and a scroll wheel
  • Buttons configurable for Click, Double-Click and Draglock via dip switches. No driver required.
  • PC and Mac compatible (USB device with PS2 adapter included)
  • Secondary PS2 port for connecting one additional input device
  • Soft but firm lycra wrist rest support. Removable for easy cleaning.
  • 20-7/8" Wide x 11-3/8" Deep x 1-1/4" High (all measurements from maximum locations)
  • 2 years warranty
RollerMouse Station
USB and PS/2
Price 189.00

Beige RollerMouse

Black RollerMouse

RollerMouse Pro Station
USB and PS/2
Price 219.00

Black RollerMouse Pro

* If using USB on Windows, you must have Windows 98 Second Edition or later to support USB

Three Button Ergo Trackball USB and PS/2

USB - PS/2 3-Button Ergo Trackball
  • Space-saving alternative to a mouse!
  • Ergonomically shaped.
  • Right or Left Handed Use.
  • Three button model works great for applications where third button is used.
  • Combo Trackball with Detachable wrist rest & Scroll lock Button.
  • Up to 6,400dpi Extreme Dynamic Resolution.
  • 3 Rugged Tactile Click Micro-Switch Keys.
  • USB and PS/2 Compatible connections.*
  • Precise Movement with Opti-Mechanical Technology.
  • Color: Beige.
  • Size: 4 5/8 inches wide, 3/4 inch front height, 1 3/4 inch back height, 5 1/2 inches length, front palm rest adds 2 inches to the length, 2 inch ball.
Weight: 3 lbs.
Ergo Trackball
3-Button USB and PS/2
Retail $69
Our Price $31

Zero Tension Mouse

Zero Tension Mouse
The revolutionary Zero Tension Mouse™ allows all of the muscles of the hand, arm and shoulder to relax more effectively.

Only available in right-handed models.
Zero Tension Mouse
2-Button USB

Retail $79
Our Price 68.00

3M Renaissance Mouse

3M Renaissance Mouse
The 3M Renaissance Vertical Mouse encourages a natural vertical hand position with the thumb pointing upwards. A Traditional mouse design means you have to twist your forearm to put the palm of your hand in a horizontal position over the mouse. Because of this and the repetitive use of the index finger for clicking, the traditional mouse can contribute to Repetitive Stress Injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The 3M Ergonomic Mouse has been clinically proven to relieve pressure from the "Median Nerve" in the wrist when mousing. This has been shown to reduce muscle load and the incidence of discomfort associated with disorders such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Stress Injury. MAC and PC Compatible USB and PS/2

3M Renaissance Mouse
PS/2 and USB

Retail $79.95
Our Price 65.00

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